Nosh & Grog

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The following is a “script” for one of Matt’s forthcoming segments:


Nosh & Grog

Working in this biz for as long as we have, we see restaurants come and go all the time. Some closings are no surprise, but others make you wonder why.

Zebra’s Bistro in Medfield was one of the most popular suburban places around and was packed every night. Even so, experienced owner Craig Neubacker decided to shutter it during its most successful season ever and reopen two weeks layer as Nosh & Grog.

As much as I loved Zebra, I think it was a great decision!

From start to finish, Nosh & Grog is a great time. The vibe is contemporary casual and the food is top-notch! Among the can’t miss “noshes” are the patented Guacamolito, smoked mussels, the singular dessert of cinnamon-laced fried dough with an array of guest-suggested toppings, and the famed (get the bleep button ready) “Oh S*#t” burger. On the “Grog” side, N&G offers a ton of wines by the glass, regional and domestic beers and ciders, including the dangerously delicious Lei Pineapple Jalapeno Cider from Salem’s own Far from the Tree and Norwood-based Candlepin Hoppy Session Ale, as well as side set of craft cocktails prepared at a central bar that is a great place to meet or make a friend or two.

With every beautiful presentation, Chef Josh Bottini’s reveals trade secrets gained from working with legends like Steve DiFillippo at Davio’s and Wolfgang Puck at Spago in Vegas, as well as his own sense of fun and flair. And as the service is so fast and friendly, it is easy to put together more fantastic flavors to satisfy every desire every time!