Kane’s offers (fortified) flavors of the season

Matt regularly appears with Jordan Rich on “Connoisseur’s Corner” which airs on Boston’s 50,000-watt CBS affiliate WBZ AM 1030 weekdays at 11:55 AM.

The following is a “script” for one of Matt’s forthcoming segments:

It’s October, which in this area means two things- donuts and beer!

How fortunate, then, that our friends at Sam Adams and Angry Orchard have joined creative forces with our other friends at Kane’s Donuts to combine these two fall favorites!

Through October, Kane’s in Saugus and Boston will be offering this autumnal pair of limited edition donuts. The Pumpkin Ale donut is a cake-style donut made with Sam Adams’ Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Ale, freshly-ground cinnamon and nutmeg that is dipped in a glaze that is also made from the revolutionary brew. The Angry Orchard Hard Cider is a traditional cider donut with a difference- that difference being about 6% alcohol that is even infused into the honey glaze on top!

Both of these seasonal specials are in addition to Kane’s freshly-made and locally-sourced and inspired treats – including such other fall faves as the Apple Spice Filled Donut, a gluten-free pumpkin spice variety, and an Apple Caramel Crunch cupcake, all of which will also be available throughout the month.

So even if the popular Patriots donuts are falling a bit out of favor as the team seems to topple toward the inured reserve list, fans of these great local flavors need not fear for the creative cooks at Kane’s are always on the case.