Kisses Sweeter Than (Huckleberry) Wine

Matt regularly appears with Jordan Rich on “Connoisseur’s Corner” which airs on Boston’s 50,000-watt CBS affiliate WBZ AM 1030 weekdays at 11:55 AM.

The following is a “script” for one of Matt’s forthcoming segments:

The last time I encountered Huckleberry it was on a Saturday morning with a big bowl of sugary cereal in front of me and my not-smart TV on.

And while my tastes have changed, I am still a fan of that sweet stuff!

Fortunately, the folks at Ste Chapelle understand and have come out with a new huckleberry Riesling that is a treat for any age (over 21, of course!).

Their crisp and soft Riesling is already one of the Ste Chapelle’s most popular varietals, but when they add fresh Northwest huckleberries, it takes on a sweet smoothness that brings in notes of peaches, apricots, and other succulent fruits. The end result of their 10-week infusion process is a wine that is smooth, sweet, and satisfying either with food or on its own.