B(eing)Good at the Mather: Restaurant partners with Boston school (Originally posted 3/15)

With new restaurants opening daily, it takes something special for any one eatery to stand out. 
Since its beginning, b.good (www.bgood.com) has tried to make its mark by offering freshly-made food that is created and prepared by friendly people who care about their own health and also the health and wellbeing of their customers and their communities. Two years ago, the company launched the b.good Family Foundation, which raises funds and offers grants to deserving community initiatives that inspire and support such community engagement and involvement. Even more recently, however, many of their Boston-area staff have taken the corporate philosophy one step further by stepping right into Boston schools.

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Sharing Their Strength – Top chefs unite at Tremont 647 for community fundraiser April 6 (Originally published 3/15 )

As more and more chefs work to make a name for themselves by bending the “rules” of the kitchen and doing something to make themselves stand out, it is encouraging to know that there are still chefs who prefer to base their reputation on what they do for others.

While he may be known as one of the most award-winning barbecue pit bosses in the nation or as the author of acclaimed books on food, Chef Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel in Boston’s South End (www.tremont647.com) is perhaps best known in the Boston cooking community for all that he does for the Boston eating community.

In addition to providing gone of the city’s best and most laid-back brunches (pajamas invited!), offering top-shelf tacos for rock-bottom prices every Tuesday night, and inviting his devoted fans behind the stove to learn how we works his gustatory magic, Husbands has been a long-time supporter of and participant in the efforts of Share Our Strength (SOS), the national organization dedicated to helping those in challenging situations improve their health and their lives through food awareness (www.nokidhungry.org).

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More than a shaker of salt: A food-filled tour from Miami to Margaritaville (Originally published 3/15)

While many think of big ears and long lines when they think of southern Florida, there is a lot more to do and see, especially for older “kids.” From art and beaches to dining and dancing, to marveling in the truly “awesome” wonders of nature, the region between Miami and Key West can make for a great road trip or series of trips.

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For Passover, Beacon Hill Bistro is the place to let yourself go (Originally published 3/14)

While it is one of Boston’s finest eateries, the acclaimed Beacon Hill Bistro (www.beaconhillhotel.com) may not be the first place you think of when it comes time to plan your next seder. And yet, under the watchful eye of Chef Josh Lewin, it may be more appropriate than you might think! After all, Chef Lewin’s 2013 Passover dinner was one of the highpoints of the gastronomic season, and this year is sure to be even better!

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Surfing Through the Holiday: KitchenSurfing takes the questions out of Passover (Originally published 4/14)

Passover is one of the most ardently observed of all the Jewish holidays. In addition to being a time to retell the vital story of our Exodus from Egypt (a reenactment of which is currently in production, albeit with different characters), it is also a time to get the family together and – what else? – eat!

Like our ancestors in Egypt, however, many modern Jews do not have time to cook and are often left with little more than matzoh.

Fortunately, there is a new team of expert helpers who are ready to prepare a Pesadich party fit for a Pharaoh.

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The King of the Kitchen – Solomon Sidell is truly wise when it comes to keeping diners happy (Originally published 9/13)

In recent years, Boston has come to be known as a hot spot when it comes to culinary creations. With “name” chefs like Emeril, Todd, Barbara and Ming, people flock to Boston’s many fine eateries from all over the region and the world to see what is new and hot.

But where do the chefs go after they have spent the night slaving over a hot stove in their continued effort to innovate and impress?
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Mitzraim Meets Mexico – Rosa Mexicano hosts 12th annual Mexican Passover April 14-21 (Originally published 4/13)

Both the Mexican and the Jewish people have historic cultural traditions that are rich in art, literature and food. Perhaps that is why it made such sense for Howard Greenstone, former CEO of the Rosa Mexicano restaurant family (www.rosamexicano.com) to include Passover in their annual Flavors of Mexico celebration.

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La Morra of the Story – Culinary couple celebrate 10 years together (Originally published 12/14)

In our supportive community, it is still commonplace for a bride and groom to be “set up” by members of their loving families. What may not be so common, however, is for the married couple to go into business together. Even rare still is for both the marriage and the business to be going strong after a decade.

Such is the story, however, for Jen and Josh Ziskin, co-owners of Brookline’s popular Italian eatery La Morra (www.lamorra.com).

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Vegging Out – Newton woman makes healthy food fun! (Originally published 7/13)

As any parent knows, encouraging children to eat what is good for them can be a challenge. As any good guest knows, so can choosing an appropriate house gift for friends and relatives.

Fortunately, there is now help for both, thanks to Newton entrepreneur Lauren Brooks, creator of Crudite Creations (www.cruditecreations.com).

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